What is the difference between Imerge and Photokey?

PhotoKey is now a discontinued product and it has been replaced by Imerge Pro. We have taken all the best parts of PhotoKey pro and added them into Imerge.

Some of the key benefits of Imerge Pro are:

Speed. Imerge Pro uses your GPU, so it is dramatically faster than PhotoKey.

Quality. Where PhotoKey processed everything in 8-bit colour, Imerge processes everything in 16-bit colour, which gives higher quality results, even after extensive processing and modification.

Versatility. Imerge Pro allows you to have as many layers as you want, and all tools are available for any layer. So you can import 500 green screen images as separate layers, key them all, and combine them all into a single image, if you wish.

• Imerge Pro is the only Raw image compositor in the world. No other application allows you to composite multiple images while still having access to the raw data for each image,

Better keying tools. The keying tools in Imerge have been redesigned from the ground up to be our most powerful ever while also being more intuitive and easy to adjust.

Better masking tools. Seven new varieties of masks allow you to easily make the exact selection you want as quickly as possible.

File support. With each update to Imerge we add support for the latest camera profiles.

Editing tools. Such as clone and heal, Highpass sharpening, LUTS’s, stock background removal, Curves, Clarity, Exposure and many many more.

• We have added Preset effect menus and downsampling tools to speed up your workflow.

Future development. Lots of new tools and features will be added and improved as the software matures and as our users ask for them to be added.

PhotoKey, on the other hand, is legacy software that is no longer in development.


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