Can I purchase a legacy product?

The following products are no longer available to purchase. We are no longer issuing new licenses for them, so unless you already have a license you will not be able to activate this software.:

  • Photokey has been discontinued and replaced by Imerge Pro. Our Imerge software has the green screen feature included and it also has new features that the PhotoKey did not have.
  • HitFilm Express has been discontinued and replaced by our new HitFilm software.
  • Add-ons for HitFilm Express. You can see further information regarding add-ons here.
  • Ignite Pro. We're really thankful for your continued support of Ignite Pro! While we will continue to maintain and support the product for the foreseeable future, Ignite Pro has come to the end of its life, with no future updates planned.

The latest versions of our products are fully supported and include powerful new features and major improvements, including compatibility with modern operating systems.


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